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Welcome to Moscow

There's more to Moscow than vodka, although if you want to

 take full advantage of the exchange rate, sticking to the local

 tipple isn't such a bad idea. Moscow's bar scene is ever

 changing as it keeps up with the latest trends from London 

and New York. In fact, there's a heavy emphasis on style - as

 you'll notice from the somewhat strict door policies followed

 by the more expensive bars and clubs. That said, there are 

plenty of hidden away basement bars with big comfy sofas,

 cool sounds and a definite lounge atmosphere ideal for 

whiling away the hours. Moscow never sleeps.

Bars and restaurants

City Space
 Kosmodamianskaya nab 52, stronie 6
8 (495) 221-53-57

The breathtaking panoramic views, unforgettable to taste cocktails, endless bar, unusual interior, professional service, cozy atmosphere - all this and more in one of the most memorable bars of Moscow - in the City Space Bar & Lounge. City Space Bar & Lounge is located on the 34th floor hotel Swissôtel Red Hills. A few second on a separate lift - and you stunning views of the capital, not even through windows and through the transparent glass walls. A 360-degree bar allows guests to choose that Moscow, which they like. Unusual, but very comfortable interior creates a pleasant atmosphere, and titled the bartenders, the true expert in his field, demanding public surprise memorable creations. City Space supports a good tradition to invite well-known and popular mixology from around the world. These included "Best British bartender," Ryan Chetiyavardana and owner of London bar "Lounge Bohemia" Sex Beasts, "Best British bartender 2007-2008," Andy Pearson and general manager of London's prestigious Connaught Bar Ago Perrone.But it is not only famous for its overseas guests City Space. The main bar manager Narziev Beck - no less significant figure in the Barmen Olympus. Became interested in the art of mixology as a student in London, he quickly grew professionally, having worked in many famous pubs of the British capital, including at Milk & Honey. Representing our country and City Space bar at the international competition in London, Diageo in 2009, he was awarded the prize "Liquid Oscar" ("Liquid Oscar") in the "speed and taste.” Map City Space Bar and its numerous cocktails are well known to lovers of bright flavors.” The Master and Margarita" for two, blazing "Transsiberian" and a non-trivial "Kremlin strudel" - these drinks have long been included in the classics of the Moscow nightlife.

Stoleshnikov pereulok 12, bldg. 2
Stoleshnikov lane. A two-store mansion is difficult not to notice. The first floor is a bar designer Denis Simachev, the second - the eponymous boutique. To say that is cozy and nice - to say nothing. The bar counter early XVIII century, imported from England, booths in the corners draped with purple velvet, tables in the middle look like hand washing, chandelier-style 80's side by side with Moroccan lamps and grille from the "Rolls Royce". Tiny dance floor - literally two by two meters - but it made all the rules. By the luminous light-half runs at the top end of the world is another, and discus throwers as many as eight - half silver, half - of gold. Still, the main charm of schools is not interior orientation. The strength of this place - the music and people. And it is not clear: whether people are so nice because they go to the appropriate music, or vice versa. Art director Sergey "Orange", an old friend Denis Simachev previously played at parties in the loft designer at the factory "Arma". Not for the first season of this young man the master of soundtracks for fashion shows - in the fall, he announced the six Russian fashion catwalk. Mixes can be called the Orange soft as free mosaic on the dance floor, but never vulgar. Orange like very different music and all this is reflected in the art policies bar. DJs play here as venerable, like Dj Sanchez and Dj Zorkin, and those who can be called homegrown: the journalists, Vj's, partygoers. Here, glad all original and interesting, and that non-professionals such as fashion photographer Mick Jagger Kiseleva mixes with Zakhar May - a nice touch to the picture. The audience at the parties is going to the most diverse - celebrities, as well as ordinary people.

Richi Cafe
Oruzheinyi pereulok, d. 15A
 Richi café – is a place that combines a variety of styles, trends and interests. Two completely different stories on their layouts combine movement and comfort. The primary idea of the design of the first floor is a priority unlike other bars in Moscow: - "That you have not seen". The basis for creating compositions were placed monochrome combination of black and white that is completely refuted by the evening. Due to the high quality colorful lights, interior instantly change the atmosphere, and with it the colors and mood. A large number of loaded finishing materials meet the latest trends in design. Mixed texture and texture on a contrasting combination - matte and glossy, leather and corian, wood, plastic, tiles and velvet.
Due to the extraordinary decision of the first floor was set up in a homely and possessing the interior of the second floor. Large comfortable sofas, parquet walnut, heavy drapes and warm lighting create an atmosphere of luxury homes in downtown Moscow.
The entire second floor is divided into several zones. At the entrance to the second floor for heavy curtains hide three lounges, made with a hint of Oriental styling, but without losing touch with basic facilities. Hookah adorn the Iranian silk carpets and walls decorated with gold leaf, in contrast to the patterns loaded for textile wallpaper. A huge number of handmade pillows make this soft zone. All the hookah made in rich shades of red and purple with soft low catwalks of black velvet.
Virtually the entire second floor is to use expensive art, decorative handmade cover.
On weekdays, Richi cafe operates as a restaurant, ready to amaze you not only delicious but also incredibly beautiful author, Italian and Japanese cuisine. They can offer you choice for lunch or dinner with friends and partners, as well as for a private party or banquet.
On Friday and Saturday Richi cafe become a totally different, turning into a fiery, sparkling, hilarious and shocking place, with fabulous DJs and insanely tasty and trendy cocktails, live windows, and the ability to anneal, losing his head. If you ever want to sing at your disposal, two karaoke rooms where you can retire from the company of friends.
Richi café amazes visitors with its diversity and opportunities, covers his arms and dips into its warm atmosphere.

Tverskoi blvd. 18
+495 6291150
The luxurious mansion, preserved interiors of XIX century - the brightest creation of the famous Russian architect Fyodor Shekhtel in combination with ultra-modern design furniture. Restaurant name Marusya image must Gourmet metropolitan ladies - perfect manners, combined with the best taste. For a taste meets chef Fabrizio Crespi. The menu presents dishes of Italian home cooking in the author's interpretation.
Egyptian Hall, decorated with gilt columns and bas-reliefs, inscribed with elaborate design furniture.
Romanesque hall in the style of late modernity, with fluorescent bar - iPods, stained glass windows, fireplace and chandelier trophy brought by the military prosecutor of Moscow from Germany during the First World War.
Large living room in late Renaissance style, living in the Greek style - each room opens a new page of the Moscow real legend of unprecedented reading of the classics, fusion ages and styles.

Tverskoi blvd, d.26/5
Turandot - a fairy tale for adults. Turandot - a place where the Chinese princess and the king of France would have tasted dishes, laughing merrily with happiness. The director of the Café Pushkin Andrej Dellos invested $35 million in the 18th century restored Chinoiserie Turandot, one of the finest Asian restaurants in Moscow. The servers are clad in traditional Chinese garb, yet the food is undeniably modern. The New York Times wrote of this extraordinary dining experience: “If Marie-Antoinette were still alive, she would undoubtedly be here in this restaurant!” The prices accord to exorbitant Russian inflation rates, yet the food is singularly delicious – only in Moscow!

st.Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 20, 
(495) 645-3191
Nobu Moscow opened in the spring of 2009 on the top floor of the Crocus luxury retail building.  Located in historic central Moscow, the David Rockwell designed space features decor that includes sea urchin-inspired chandeliers, scorched ash tables and wave shaped walnut walls, combined with rich hues and soft lighting to create an intimate and elegant atmosphere.
Chef/owner Nobu Matsuhisa draws upon his classical training from sushi bars in Tokyo and his travels abroad in Peru, Argentina and around the world to bring a whole new trend in Japanese cuisine to Moscow.  It is no surprise that Nobu Moscow is one of the hottest dining destinations in town.

Tommy D lounge bar
Tret'yakovskyi proezd 1
Tommy D lounge bar - unbelievable, secular and music project. It is based on the trend of life of the legendary London partygoer’s start-intellectual Thomas Dewar. He was the first advertisers, a successful merchant, secular lion and even the chief of the Metropolitan Police. This character combined a lot of talent, managing to be both naive and curious discoverer, and rare a cynic, exploring the world around us and coming up with their universe. This is a bright representative of a new type of intellectual, eager to all the very best; it was not enough to just go down in history. And he had his way, successfully provoking new history - until now. The list of his true fans are Quentin Tarantino and Michael Owen, Edward Norton and Woody Allen. Tommy D format first opened Moscow's Place lounge-such a cult show Hotel Costes, Café del Mar or the Sanderson Hotel. True, Tommy D does not exist in Paris or London, but here and now, in the old Moscow. This difficulty was easily interpreted, and contemporary art objects fall into the arms of the brickwork of the 19th century, vintage wooden portals acquired piano gloss and crystal chandeliers here dropped all his ringing enthusiasm for a comfortable velvet sofas camouflage.

Gastronomic format Tommy D - travel around the world. Tommy D first and only one in Moscow.

1 Golutvinskyi pereulok, d.3
Art Cafe H.L.A.M. (Artists, writers, artists, musicians) - the name of artistic cafe in Kiev in 20s and a new restaurant in downtown Moscow, regenerating the concept of artistic and bohemian establishments era "Silver Age". Quiet background music and cinemas interior, created by artist Nikola Samsonov brand-new, evokes allusions to the 20-30s of the twentieth century, to the delight of the international celebrities  and Moscow cosmopolitans. Despite the beauty of the interior and historical concept, H.L.A.M. is the European restaurant with delicious food for every day and democratic prices. Simple and clear recipes in the kitchen please H.L.A.M.e updated aftertaste and fresh ingredients. The menu offers vegetarian, Mediterranean and Russian dishes. All food is prepared "natural", with the minimum necessary amount of oil, salt, spices and sugar, allowing guests to enhance the natural taste of foods as you wish. A special pride of the restaurant - a choice of salads and vegetarian "Green List" - five dozen vegetables, fruits and herbs that can be made to your prescription. Special mention deserves the dessert menu, which has a home and cheesecakes, and a light pineapple soup with basil and chocolate drops, and the hot pumpkin with sweet sauce of sage.

Prado Cafe
Slavyanskaya ploshad 2
Prado café is a restaurant of elite category of luxury. The restaurant is known for its vibrant pre-party, unique presentations, fashion-shows, photo exhibitions and other events with the participation of secular popular photographers, presenters, musicians and show business stars, artists, dj `s, politicians and businessmen. The luxurious interior in the style of the famous museum "Prado" in perfect harmony with culinary masterpieces from Peter Shpekkerta, a chef from Switzerland. Fireworks flavors complement the best Peruvian cuisine in Moscow. Bar card Prado café represented a wide range of luxury brands of alcoholic drinks and an exclusive cocktail menu from chef barman. Every Thursday Prado café invites to parties under the label "Fashion Thursdays." Most current sets from the residents of Moscow's best clubs in the atmosphere of fun and indulgence, and elitist choosiness, beauty and taste. Prado café is an example of a successful combination of high-end restaurant and a karaoke room in one. The new season opens renovated Prado cafe lounge VIP-club karaoke. In addition to innovative design solutions, the hall has a new sound and lighting equipment, expanded map of the song menu where you can find about 22 000 foreign and 7,500 Russian songs. But most importantly it is an extraordinary atmosphere in the karaoke, which sets up the guests at the creative way. Every evening, guests VIP-club offers special show programs from the art group "Prado".

Birch Chalet

"Birch Chalet" - a cozy restaurant with home entertainment. Is that the amount of entertainment scale than at home - a classic Hollywood movie, sports events on big screen, live jazz concerts, captivating improvisations by pianist Igor Poltavtsev. But the most important is that at home, and in the "Birch" - the big feast with delicious homemade food. "Chalet Birch" created from scratch. This is a very rare design and architecture, and interior: "We had a symbiotic home restaurant and professional concert stage." The space in Chalet - picture windows from floor to ceiling, large wooden tables, comfortable sofas around the stage two impressive fireplace screen on the wall plaster. Coverage of "Birches" is changed - a warm and home during get-togethers or a bright colored during concerts. A separate small room for 20 people is perfect for private celebrations. Bar "Chalet Birch" is an author's imagination. In a bar is one of the most famous bartenders in Russia, winner of the world championships (WFA, FBA, IBA), champion of Europe and Russia Alexei Mochnov among bartenders shake mixes of natural copyright, the world's best-selling and classic recipes of London, New York, etc. . In the author's menu you will find is a favorite of many guests of Moscow restaurants "Fusion Moscow"-based American whiskey in combination with fresh raspberries and mint, or a soft sling Shelkovichnaya the fresh watermelon and berries blackberries. You can also evaluate the 8 species of the classic Mojito and world classics performed by the team Alexei Mochnov BarProfi.

Dance Clubs

Soho rooms
Savvinskaya nab., 12

Opened in early 2008, SOHO ROOMS has established itself as a brand where exclusivity is an attitude. And while the DINING ROOM became a place to be and to be seen, it is DISCO ROOM club that has been setting fire to the Moscow nights. DISCO ROOM is a highly selective venue with its own ‘SOHO’ atmosphere. It is a mood or simply – lifestyle - that attracts over and over again, which is based on the wide organization experience, ultimate design suggestions, music and a personal attitude to this large-scale project. The club is tastefully designed and perfectly arranged. Every single décor detail fits the unique “SOHO” style. The DISCO ROOM space is divided into zones and a centrally located dance floor is well seen from every corner of the club. DISCO ROOM already boasts the impressive number of worldwide celebrity guests such as Gabin, Chicane, Modjo, Sonique, DÉJÀ VU, Darren Hayes, Jay Sean, Kelly Rowland, Joss Stone and Russian ones – Bravo group, Zhanna Aguzarova, Moralniy Kodeks, AStudio. World club scene stars like Alex Gaudino, Michael Grey (UK) have played their exclusive sets in DISCO ROOM.

Kuzneckyi most str., d. 6/3

"The Most café & club" has long justified its name. The present grand Parisian cafe with French cuisine and the club has won recognition not only in Moscow audience, but also abroad. It is no accident guests’ have become the most fashionable celebrities and representatives of business elite. Top DJs, musicians and artists perform at the Club: Andy Fletcher, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Barbara Tucker, Jean Claude Ade, Puppini Systers, Basement Jaxx, Takeshi Kitano, Milk & Sugar, Limp Bizkit, The Scorpions and many others. Each year the club "The Most" conducts social events at various levels: RFW, the party in the Moscow International Film Festival, presentations, awards, festivals, shows designers of the world and much more. The Most café continues to secular traditions and, of course, never ceases to amaze his culinary art and first class service. All events in the café & club The Most were built in the superlative degree, so every night there is like a holiday.

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